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November 2015 Professional (Cadastral) Examination Question 3 (8 marks) Mr. Smith phones for a verbal quotation for a Surveyor’s Real Property Report that would facilitate his receiving a loan from a financial institute. You search your records and give a quote of $1800.00 for such a survey.
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Cadastral Systems In Developing Countries – Technical Options. by Dr. Ing. Winfried Hawerk. 1. Introduction. The objective of the symposium is to elaborate on the cadastral options, namely the legal, institutional, land policy and technical options.
The survey is based on an early Danish cadastral work, and on two internationally oriented textbooks. The textbooks present cadastre in the context of information systems.

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Survey report template (v7 – April 2015) – incorporating Standard for Lodgement of Cadastral Survey Datasets All CSDs lodged with LINZ must be accompanied by a survey report. The survey report should explain the purpose of the survey and how it complies with the standards.
The Subdivision Request goes to a queue accessible to all licensed Cadastral Experts and eventually is addressed by one of those professionals, who will then write and send a Survey Document to the Geometric Cadastre. 3.

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