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Gary Reichel lives in Charleston, South Carolina creating custom designs for print and web.

Over 17 years experience that includes marketing and promotions coordinating print and web advertising campaigns for both large and small businesses across the United States.

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"I innovate and create an experience that will speak to your customers, while putting your business identity center stage. My inspiration comes from cutting-edge designs that I incorporate using my personal artisty, without sacrificing the functionality that is necessary to promote your product or service. My body of work includes campaigns that coordinate graphic design and website design with internet marketing, press, and social media."

Case Study

Study #1: Pool Designs - Presentation Packet • Booklet • Brochures • Business Cards • Website • SEO & Google Ad Campaign
Graphic Design Booklets and Kits

Design Pools

Graphic Deisgn • Website Design & Marketing

I like to combine typography with imagery to create a lasting impression that tells a story in a unique way. That was how I approached Design Pools print and internet projects. They wanted specific informaiton to be included so a perspective pool buyer could make an informed decision. I also wanted to create a magazine quality to their booklet, so I used white-space in combination with typography to break-up the information.

The elegant use of typography against a backdrop of stunning imagery is a common theme in my designs. It provides a minimalistic experience that has an immediate effect over the viewer. When more needs to be said, I will use white-space accompanied with headers and other text effects so the reader remains engaged.

Roles: Concept, Graphic Design, Website Design, SEO, Marketing, Google Adwords Campaigns, Online Banner Design

Graphic Design With Your Image In Mind

Graphic Design Sales Tools Marketing Tradeshows Press Packaging

From logos to billboards, I can create what you are looking for.


Cycle City / Pacific Harley-Davidson

Ecommerce Website Design

Ecommerce Website Design

HTML CSS Social Media Blogs Email SEO CMS
Over fifteen years ago Gary started designing and coding custom websites using HTML and CSS.

Design Pools

Graphic Design Booklets and Kits

Graphic Design With Your Image In Mind

Graphic Design Sales Tools Marketing Tradeshows Press Packaging
From logos to billboards, Gary can create what you are looking for.

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Fitness Website With Social Media Integration
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Responsive Website For Beauty Salon

There's More To Design Than Meets The Eye.

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